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We provide timely solutions and quality workmanship to your measurement, automation, communication and electrical needs.

  • We help evaluate problems and look for opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • We design solutions to efficiently accomplish your productivity goals.

  • We help select the appropriate equipment and materials to achieve maximum return on your technology investments.

  • We provide and deliver a wide range of equipment and materials on a timely basis.

  • We install measurement, automation, communication and electrical materials according to pre-approved and mutually agreed to standards.
Automation, Measurement and Instrumentation
These services include site evaluation, design, delivery, installation and maintenance of the following:
  • Automation technology including flow monitoring, operation and control

  • PLC integration

  • Measurement and Instrumentation equipment

  • Internet SCADA systems

  • Alarm monitoring and call out

  Communication System Design
We evaluate, design, install and service communications systems including:
  • RF
  • Satellite
  • Cell
  • FCC licensing
  • Path loss and reliability studies
  • Industrial networking
  • Telecommunications
  Electrical Design and Service
We also provide complete electrical design and service for:
  • Compressor stations
  • Pump jack facilities
  • Transformers
  • Motor control facilities
  • Saltwater Disposal facilities
  • Treating and recovery plants
  • Other industrial applications
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