Superior Optimization, Ltd began operations in January 2002 and provides Automation and Electrical field services and Technology solutions to Oil, Gas and other industries in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Superior was founded in 2002 by Mr. Don Bennett and Mr. Kirk Mehaffey, both with over 35 years of field experience in the oil and gas industry.  Mr. Mehaffey had been a customer of Mr. Bennett’s oil field equipment business while Mr. Mehaffey was working for Pioneer Natural Resources as their automation and optimization supervisor. After leaving Pioneer Natural Resources, Mr. Mehaffey was employed by Aurion Technologies, which was an oil and gas well integrator that generated revenues through web hosting activities.

During this time, the two founders recognized that many oil and gas companies were lacking technology solutions that would optimize production and efficiencies, and minimize expenses. It was then that they decided to partner and form Superior Optimization.  The Company was started as an integrator of automation, optimization and communications service and equipment for the production optimization of small independent oil and gas companies, however due to the Superior quality of their people, services and solutions they quickly grew to serve Exploration and Production companies of all sizes.

Over time, customers began requesting additional services from Superior, which grew into facilities, design and construction.  This segment includes saltwater disposal, the design and construction of compression stations and production facilities, and other custom projects. Electrical services were added in 2010, and the company now can provide both high and low voltage services, products and integration from the power drop to the completed project, application or facility.